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On-Line Sales

The Earring Lady is now offering a limited selection of jewelry online. Sales are processed securely by PayPal so you can purchase with any major credit card.
There are just a few of each of these, a maximum of seven, and some will be one of a kind. You'll be told "Out of stock" at checkout if they've all already sold.
The styles retailers like best will not be found here. Please visit one of the stores near you listed elsewhere on this website for my most popular, predictable styles and in season colors.

Here you will find fun-to-make or experimental work, or colors that are just a little too out of the mainstream for most stores to be comfortable with. Unless otherwise noted, earrings are $18 a pair. Shipping is $5 PER ORDER to a single address. Orders of $100 or more ship FREE.
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Depending on the style, your earrings will be shipped in one of these elegant gift boxes.

Every pair of earrings comes in a beautiful gift box.

Item ER0001 - $18/pair
Item ER0001 - $18
Item ER0002 - $18/pair
Item ER0002 - $18
Item ER0003 - $18/pair
Item ER0003 - $18
Item ER0004 - $18/pair
Item ER0004 - $18
Item ER0005 - $18/pair
Item ER0005 - $18
Item ER1007 - $18/pair
Item ER1007 - $18
Item ER1017 - $18/pair
Item ER1017 - $18
Item ER0008 - $24/pair
Item ER0008 - $24
Item ER0009 - $18/pair
Item ER0009 - $18
Item ER0010 - $24/pair
Item ER0010 - $24
Item ER0011 - $18/pair
Item ER0011 - $18
Item ER0012 - $18/pair
Item ER0012 - $18
Item ER0013 - $16
Item ER0013 - $16
Item ER0015 - $16
Item ER0015 - $16
Item ER1011 - $24
Item ER1011 - $24
Item ER1012 - $18/pair
Item ER1012 - $18
Item ER1013 - $18
Item ER1013 - $18
Item ER1014 - $18
Item ER1014 - $18
Item ER1015 - $24
Item ER1015 - $24
Item ER1016 - $24
Item ER1016 - $24